Future connections HDMI 2.1 will support resolutions of up to 10K

HDMI Forum has unveiled the specifications of the HDMI standard 2.1, which supports video resolutions of 8K with a refresh rate of 60 frames per second or 4K with a frequency of 120 fps, with the ability to reach the 10K in specific cases, to commercial uses. The support of HDR dynamic support provides more brightness, contrast, and depth and variety of colors.

To reach these figures, the HDMI standard 2.1 needs a bandwidth of 48 Gbps, paralo which requires the use of the new cable Ultra High Speed HDMI. This cable has a lower electromagnetic interference of wireless devices nearby, as reported by the HDMI Forum in a press release. Standards-HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 reach 18 and 10.2 Gbps, respectively. Both the new standard as the cable Ultra High Speed HDMI are backward compatible with previous versions of HDMI and their ports.

In terms of sound, the HDMI standard 2.1 makes the Audio Return Channel enhanced (eARC) is compatible with sound systems 7.1 without the need for compression and with positioning systems of audio such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Most gamers will appreciate the inclusion of the refresh rates variable, which does not cease to be a standardized version of the technology G-Sync from Nvidia and Freesync of AMD. It also includes a technique called Quick Frame Transport, which is supposed to reduce the latency of the HDMI connection.

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