The machines surpass man, and will expand the Universe to are clear to colonize

The machines will soon exceed the skills of the man in any field, and will be expanded in the future to the Universe are clear to colonize, has said Juergen Schmidhuber, one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence modern and the architect of a system that has revolutionized the processing of natural language.

This expert, considered one of the “parents” of the so-called “deep learning” that seeks to simulate, through the analysis of data by layers, the basic operation of the human brain, has claimed that he is “convinced” that there will be artificial intelligences far superior to the man who will end up colonizing the space outside of the Earth.

We must not wait a long time to get artificial intelligences-intelligent in any activity of daily living without limitations, “maybe a couple of decades”, added the expert.

According to this scientist, who has taught a conference on artificial intelligence for the learning of the robots in the world congress IROS 2018, there are several factors that will foster over the next few years, the unstoppable advances of artificial intelligence or software, and whose physical representation are precisely the machines or the robots.

The path of technological evolution throughout the history of the universe, today’s computers “a lot more powerful and fast” capable of processing algorithms becoming ever more complex and the higher capacity as the man of many machines in specific tasks, such as recognition of signs, competitions, or even detection of diseases do you think that robots will be generally better than men.

The universe is “very young”, he says, and “we are at the beginning of a new world” for the artificial intelligence, with a long time horizon ahead to continue to evolve and get even “emancipation” of men, according to Schmidhuber.

In search of an artificial intelligence-general

This scientist is also the chairman of the company NNAISENSE that aims to create the first “artificial intelligence-general,” or able to perform multiple tasks at once better than the man and that works well in the design of robots that learn like children.

In his opinion, the artificial intelligences of nature “general” will be expanded outside of the Earth to civilization in search of “resources” that will no longer be on this planet, adds this expert, who is also co-director of the Institute Dalle Molle of Research for Artificial Intelligence in Manno (Switzerland).

On the other hand, the scientist has taken advantage of their intervention to give figures on the use the great technology of their artificial intelligence algorithm LSTM: Google applies it in 2,000 million phones with the Android operating system from 2015, for recognition of spoken language and translations,

In the case Apple, what you use on nearly a billion devices in 2016, and it works for the virtual assistant Siri. It is also used by Microsoft or Amazon, and his assistant, Alexa, and Facebook for more than 4,000 millions of translations daily.

Has warned that it is not so easy mathematically to get a robot to do what one wants to and has referred to various current techniques for the learning of these machines, such as that used following the example of the children of trial and error interacting with the world in order to move forward.

Other methods include the display of information with simulators, video games, and other. On the learning techniques are limited to the processing of data stored explains that require a lot of prior information, as is the case of autonomous vehicles that have to travel thousands of miles to learn how to navigate alone.

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