The women told the compliments more unusual that they received from men of different countries

It is often said that all men in the world are the same; but, however, in different countries you can hear the phrases, completely different to achieve a first approach. Sometimes these phrases are so sweet and fun that you can’t just pass them by without a smile.

In collect expressions of curious people quite ingenious of different parts of the world, that maybe have already fallen in love with many girls.

1. Finland

  • Do you know if the airline has a direct flight from Helsinki to your heart?
  • You’re so sweet that you’ll get to the businesses in the candy business.

2. Japan

  • You’re like a Sony camera! Every time I look at you I can not avoid the smile.

3. United States

  • Our separation is like a traffic jam in New York. I just can’t go ahead!
  • Should I call you Google, you have everything I was looking for.
  • My love for you is like the battery bunny advertising Energizer: it’s going to last forever.
  • Do you by chance, your name is Gillette? For you are the best thing for the man!
  • If you were a burger at mcdonald’s you would call McNífica.
  • Can it be that you have seen on the cover of Vogue?

4. France

  • Are you made of grapes? Because you’re so beautiful as a wine.

  • Do you by any chance, are you a designer in the Louvre? When I saw you all-around became fabulously beautiful.

5. Romania

  • Are you a vampire? It seemed that you were thirsty when I looked.

6. Italy

  • If you were a cup of coffee, you should be expresso; without a doubt, you are the one I like most.

7. Algeria

  • If the word “love” was written on every grain of sand of the Sahara desert, would not be enough to express all the love that I feel for you.

8. Greece

  • Your eyes are like a labyrinth in the palace of Knossos; I’m afraid of getting lost in them, but I risk.

9. Denmark

  • Girl, you shine more than the sun! If you’re going to Greenland, all the ice melts immediately.

  • I love Lego and you love Lego why not build a relationship?

10. Great Britain

11. Brazil

  • How does it feel to be the most beautiful girl of Brazil?

12. Spain

  • If you are the Mediterranean, bodysuit in you day after day.

13. Australia

  • Are you from Australia? Because mastering all of the “koala-changes”.

14. Iceland

  • If the snow would fall every time I think of you, there would be more snow for the rest of the world.

  • (Walking on the ice) If it breaks the ice under our feet, I need to know your name to ask for help.

15. Colombia

  • Your eyes are as blue as the Caribbean Sea and I’m drowning in them.

16. Russia

  • Most of the people like to see the World Cup because it happens only once every 4 years; I prefer to get to know you, because the chances of meeting someone like you happens only once in life.

17. The Earth

  • 8 planets, 1 universe, 7 billion people, but I specifically you.

What funny phrases may attract your attention when you meet someone for the first time?

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