Notifications with Artificial Intelligence Gmail arrive in the iOS

As about the arrival of the iOS 12, you also got to know some of the wonders that we are going to offer. For example, are already lists the notifications of high priority that use artificial intelligence to the operating system Apple.

The Artificial Intelligence predicts who will be the winner of the World Cup

According to reports Google in its official blog, is featuring improvements on its products, which in addition to the redesign, they come with updates in Gmail, that now will implement Artificial Intelligence in your notifications for messages of high priority. The functionality is already available for Android, and even comes pre-installed on several devices.

So announced Google the arrival of the notifications in your blog:

These notifications elevates the machinery and learning the capabilities of artificial intelligence in Gmail to identify messages that you will probably want to read before” To activate the function, select the option “High priority” (High priority only) in the Notifications within the settings of your Gmail app on iOS.

We did the test here in unocero and even us the option appears, but Google announced that the update will be gradual and users will be able to find the option within the next few days.

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