Potatoes of McDonalds could solve the baldness

A group of japanese scientists seem to have found the product miracles that will prevent millions of people to stay bald. This research team from the University of Yokohama have published a study in which they have regenerated the hair in mice thanks to one of the components that is in the potatoes from the fast food chain McDonalds.

This is the dimethylpolysiloxane, a chemical that is present in the potatoes from the burger and serves to that the oil does not form foam and burn. This substance, added to other components, would serve to mass-produce a “germ of hair follicle” that could be grafted later in the scalp.

Professor Junji Fukuda tested the dimethylpolysiloxane in the bottom of a cup of cultivation, and the result was very good. Was applied in mice and at the end of the day it was found that they had a lot more hair therefore it is believed that it could be used in humans.

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