People share images of their favorite places, and they are so cozy that seem unreal

The forum of Reddit has a section called “cozy Places”, where users share photos of their houses, rooms, homes, or around which they visited during their travels. Some published shots of places that they would like to go, but most of the images that we have compiled in this article are real, and were taken on the way to work or during the holidays. compiled photos of beautiful places that you will want to visit at least once.

22. “The bed, the dog and my house on a rainy day”

21. “I built a garden house for my beautiful wife. I don’t want to leave it ever,”

20. “A sunny room in the house of my grandfather”

19. “A place to read in an attic renovated, Stockholm”

18. “The first place we visited after arriving in Edinburgh”

17. “View from my cozy corner from the attic”

16. “My living room”

15. “Maybe it’s small, but it is my own house”

14. “The street that I walked while I was in Montreal”

13. “A tent-equipped, Wales”

12. “A cup of coffee in the morning and ‘Harry Potter’. The best way to begin the fall”

11. “We found a cosy place while we were on vacation in Austria”

10. “Village street that leads to my house”

9. “Cottage cozy”

8. “The apartment of my friends in Park Slope, Brooklyn”

7. “It seems that I give for granted the beauty of my people”

6. “I have never liked loud bars. This is my ideal place and welcoming”

5. “Old house, west Wales”

4. The “tunnel” of cherry in Bonn, Germany”

3. “A cosy alley in Groningen, the Netherlands”

2. “I was in Canada last winter. That was my room”

1. “During a trip to Iceland, this place became my favorite place to live”

Bonus: streets of Bern, Switzerland

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