Social Networks, Amazon and Google steal the trailer of Ralph the Demolisher 2

References are always a safe road to success, you just have to remember what happened just a few weeks with Ready Player One. That is why it is particularly exciting for us geeks watch the trailer from Ralph the demolisher that now Breaks the Internet. Can already imagine the avalanche of references that are going to have.

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And is that beyond that are all the Disney princesses, Iron Man and the Storm Troopers from Star Wars, and even the detallazo listen to Daft Punk, it gets particularly exciting when Ralph and the always affable Vanellope von Schweetz come to the Internet, then it is that we see that the main titans of the network appear in all its splendor in a version quite visual of the web.

For example, Twitter is a lush group of trees, saturated blue birds trinando (or tweeting), Snapchat is a brilliant heliport, Facebook appears in the form of a book, YouTube as the box crazy best known as the TV, all well accommodated in a district called Social Media.

But in the world of the Internet there are two mol-urban, two skyscrapers huge that stand out from all the others: Amazón, a powerful floating structure with a vibrant center; and Google, a tower ultramodernista that seems to have no end in the sky.

Out there, if you pay attention, you can see other old friends like IMDB, MySpace and Carvana. And if that weren’t enough, there are also rumors that the King of the video game, Mario Bros., will appear on the tape, so that looks good.

Ralph the demolisher 2 (Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph (WiFi Ralph)) was released in theaters movie theaters on November 21, 2018.

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