The advantages unknown to the wireless keyboard, Logitech TK820

Technological advances, as well as the technology itself, tend to improve or facilitate the day-to-day people. From the simple things and day-to-day, as the battery of the smartphone or the quality of the Internet, even bigger projects and ambitious goals, such as eradicating diseases that have a rate significant mortality or to develop forms of transport safer and more efficient. One way or another, the technology seeks to make life more comfortable; but, what happens with people who have special needs or reduced mobility.

He is Adrian Ponce: writer, blogger and YouTuber with cerebral palsy

In my case, in addition to not being able to walk, only I possess a high level of control in my right foot, which many times has led me to see both the software and the hardware from another perspective. And it is just this latter is what I want to speak on this occasion, a hardware that I have been using constantly for almost a couple of years. I mean the wireless keyboard, the Logitech TK820, a device which, without being intended for the exclusive use of people with disabilities, has a design and functions that are worth noting. And is that, for those who deal with a computer, the intermediary that allows us to interact with her is extremely important.

Among the positive aspects is the keyboard itself, because, once you get used to it, the thickness of the keys helps, to have a tour so short, only press the that you want. Within this same point it is also worth mentioning that when using laptops, it was very common for a few months of use more than one key were broken, by doing that I had to send them to the technical service at least once a year; a situation that I have not had with this keyboard is the Logitech TK820, which speaks very well of their quality and strength. On the other hand, the large trackpad that is built-in to the right facilitates the movement of the mouse without needing to take off your finger from it.

It filters out the Xbox for people with disabilities

However, it is just at this point where I also find its details to be more negative, because the entire trackpad itself is a button that performs the function of left click, making you have to play gently to avoid clicking when you don’t want, a situation that penalises those who have reduced mobility. On the other hand, the software that accompanies this keyboard only allows special actions with gestures with two or three fingers, and while you can disable all (a thing that is very useful if your movements are not at all fine), I’ve always missed you the power to scroll by sliding my finger along the edge of the trackpad.

As you can see, and you will notice in each installment of this section, the accessibility does not have to be tied exclusively to products aimed at a small sector of people, but in reality it is more of common sense and add options instead of subtract them, thinking a bit beyond the needs of the average user and not to put clicks giant, “I do open pages of porn”accidentally”.

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