Lenovo is designing a mobile completely without frames

Chang Cheng, vice president of Lenovo, recently announced that the company would launch a new mobile high-end in June with the largest percentage of screen on the surface ever achieved. Has recently given more data, confirming that it will call Lenovo Z5 and that the design will not have frames, for which the company has used 18 patented technologies that have enabled them to achieve the “four breakthroughs”.

The sketch has been filtered Cheng points that you do not have any kind of frame to any of the four sides, which allows you to speculate what those breakthroughs: ways of placing components in the front so that they are compatible with the total absence of frames. So, one could think of some kind of rotating camera, to be able to use the rear on the selfies or that emerge from the upper side, as well as the sensors and the speaker for calls is located below the screen, as happens with the fingerprint reader on some mobile Live, which also featured a prototype of mobile without frames.

In addition to this, the lines on the side indicate that the antennas will be there, so that the body would be metal. At the bottom appears in sight for a port USB-C.

On the other hand, the launch date in June would be in China. Would have to see if the company would decide to one’s international launch and on what dates, and if usuaría its own brand, or would you trust a once over on the Motorola.

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