LG makes official the date of presentation of the V40 with triple rear camera

It may be that LG has lost strength in the last few years in the smartphone market, but it seems that the company wants to regain its position in the market with a new and disruptive model, since the LG V40 is about to be submitted, and LG confirms one of its main characteristics, such as the rear camera triple.

LG was not the first to have a model with three chambers in the rear, and it will not be the last, since it seems to be a trend that will bet various manufacturers next year. However, LG might present the first smartphone with 5 cameras in the world.

I say this because everything points to the LG V40 will have a dual camera front, which along with the triple rear sensor will give us a total of 5 cameras around the phone.

In a company video on YouTube, we can see that there are three types of sensors that clearly indicate that we will have a sensor normal, a wide angle and a telephoto lens, one of the combinations that we were waiting, since, unlike Huawei, the chinese firm is betting on a monochrome sensor instead of a wide angle.

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When is the presentation?

As shown in the video, the LG V40 will be presented next October 4 at 10:00 am (time in South Korea) so in Mexico will be presenting at 00:00 hours, due to the fact that there is a difference of usage time of 14 hours.

The appointment will be at the LG Science Park located in Seoul, and so far there is no information to suggest that the company plans to make a presentation of ac in the united States as it happened with the LG G7 ThinQ.

It seems that October will be a big month, beginning with the presentation of LG, following with Google, then later with Huawei and finally with OnePlus.

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