Released the first official image of the new Shazam, and we’re not very convinced

In the cruel and highly competitive segment of the comic films, DC Comics decided to open a new front in the battle with the franchise of Shazam, the character created by Bill Parker and Clarence Charles, and his own film with real action. The project has caused a number of reactions were found, especially after you select the actor Zachary Levi, who has no references in the action movie.

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Today is finally the production of the film directed by David F. Sandberg, who also is known for a great production, revealed the first official image of how it’ll look the hero. The costume that DC Comics and Warner Bros. they decided to implement to increase the complexion of the character looks a bit too full and full with the trend of having actors well-crafted physically to return more realistic the appearance of the heroes in the comics.

The image was released by Entertainment Weekly on their site as part of the promotion towards the release of the tape in April of 2019 (just a couple of weeks before the next movie of X-Men).

This is not the first time he had seen Zachary Levi with his suit. Months ago he leaked several images and several reviews came in about how it might look to “Billy Batson”, already transformed into Shazam.

To be perfectly fair, it is not that Zachary Levi has not attempted to develop his physique in order to comply with the requirement to embody a super hero. In their accounts of social networks has documented part of their training and the advances that have been obtained, but it seems to not got to the level that is required to avoid wear a costume so pronounced.

Do you guys think of the image of Shazam for your new film?

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