Light works in a mobile phone with 9 cameras rear

Since it is common that mobile phones have two sensors in the rear camera and the software take care of to use them to improve the quality of the photographs, for example, playing with depth of field with the so-called effect portrait or bokeh. But three years ago the california-based company Light promised to take this concept much further with your camera Light L16, which would use 16 sensors to achieve with a compact camera photos of a 52 megapixel own a reflex camera with a focal length between 28 and 150mm.

After you start to sell it a year ago, the new camera has been criticized for problems in its software, which among other things made it impossible to even achieve those bokeh effects that already do all phones automatically. In addition, their price was close to $ 2,000. However, Light has continued to improve the software after release, although it is by seeing that they resolve all the issues.

In any case, the company is taking a step forward working in a mobile phone they plan to announce before the end of the year. The device would be between 5 and 9 sensors rear and would have a software similar to camera Light L16, which would automatically photographs to achieve a maximum resolution of 64 megapixels and allow a better behavior in low light, and tweak the depth of field after taking the picture.

Yes, with both sensor it will be difficult to take pictures without putting a finger in front of one of them.

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