Linux on DeX is already available in Beta for public download

After months and months of staying private, the platform of Linux on DeX created by Samsung has become public and the beta version is ready for download for all that super geek that wants to put it to the test on their mobile devices.

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During the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 the announcement was held that only requires a registration on the website of the beta to download it and enable your mobile device to Samsung for running Linux, one of the most popular operating systems among the enthusiasts of the technology (such as our dear Walrus).

This new app will enable its users to obtain programming functions, share files from your phone or tablet, and create developments to put them to the test. Basically turns your phone Samsung on a PC.

The only detail is that the public beta of Linux on DeX will only be available for some mobile devices select Samsung as Note 9 and the tablet Tab S4 due to the fact that only supports a version customised Ubuntu (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the version provided by Canonical). and Partners.

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