Arrives in Spain ZTE Axon M, mobile and folding with two screens

ZTE has just announced that Vodafone will market exclusively in Spain the Axon M, a mobile folding with two screens of 5.2-inches which when open allows you to use both panels as if they were a single larger display –though with a black band between them is not exactly small– or open two different apps, one per screen. The phone is somewhat bulky with a thickness of 12.1 millimeters, has no physical buttons and has a single camera of 20 megapixel with aperture f/1.8, as to convert it into front and rear camera, simply turn the mobile.

The way in which is used the second screen is changed by pressing a button with an “M” that is placed to the right of the three traditional buttons of Android. To be less unlikely to extend an application to use both screens, ZTE claims to have optimized 80 of the 100 applications you use most often so that one of the two is used by the application for anything else. For example, in Twitter, we have the keyboard, in the Photos we would use a screen to view the images, and the second to navigate between them, etc

The chinese manufacturer claimed to have counted with the help of Google to adapt Android to this type of device, something that seems to be confirmed with the news that the next Android P will be compatible with new device formats, including the dual screens. For the moment, the main defect of the Axon M is the uncomfortable black band when using the double screen as if it were a single. ZTE expects to eliminate the edges between screens in future versions of this mobile.

“The ecosystem of mobile technology and consumer habits have evolved since the advent of the smartphones, but the user experience has hardly varied because the hardware is similar from 10 years ago. Thanks to the advent of the Axon M, we break the rules and offer limitless possibilities,” says Samuel Sun, General Manager of Terminals, ZTE EMEA.

In terms of the technical features, the Axon M account with two screens of 5.2-inches and FullHD resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage expandable via microSD, sound chip dedicated with support for Dolby Atmos and a battery 3180 mAh that seems perhaps a bit short to feed throughout the day two screens of that size, which would be equivalent to a single 6.75-inch, although it is likely that a good part of the use are then only with one. Exits series with Android 7.1 pure, without the personalization layer of ZTE; the manufacturer has assured that it will be upgraded to Android 8 Oreo as soon as possible.

The mobile folding ZTE Axon M arrives at Spain of the hand of Vodafone and its price free is from 853€, although it is associated with a fee it would cost 34€ per month, being necessary to stay with the company for 24 months and 18 with the tariff chosen. “We are delighted that our customers can enjoy one of the smartphones more breakthrough of recent times”, said Nuno Taveira, director of terminals for Vodafone Spain. “This way we bet on differentiation”.

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