#LluviaDeApps ☔ 18 games and apps paid for Android that are free for a limited time

One of the great advantages of Android is that Google is constantly launching offers on apps and paid games for users to download for free.

However, these offerings in the Play Store have a limited time and many times are only possible of download for a few hours, so it is best to hurry up and download the apps that we call attention.

These are the smartphones from Huawei that will be updated to Android 9.0 Foot in the next few days

This time is no different, and we have applications and paid games for free download for a limited time, so without further to say here I leave the list and we wait for the call your attention.

Apps of pay that are free today

Camera4K Perfect Selfie Video Photo Editor

Price: $5

Flying ninja | Deals-cheap flights, the best vacation

Price: $69

Side protection: Auto-Touch Guard

Price: $15

Property of Steam – PRO

Price: $19

Video player All Format – OPlayer

Price: $55

Blaze: Extract files from links for download

Price: $19

Speed View GPS Pro

Price: $17

Unit Converter Pro

Price: $15

Lensinator – OCR, Object, Barcode Scanner

Price: $13

Games of pay that are free today

Johnny Bonasera 1

Price: $44

13 Puzzle rooms

Price: $34

Tap Tap cartoonist – Cartoon999 (VIP)

Price: $16

Can You Escape – Fear House PRO

Price: $9


Price: $27

Dragon slayer Vip – i.or Rpg game

Price: $17


Price: $16

Math puzzles PRO 2

Price: $16


Price: $17

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