The best of Nintendo in the #E32018

Despite the fact that we feel that Nintendo is left for us to have a duty in this E3 to announce absolutely nothing of Metroid Prime 4, the company showed many things of their new installment of Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, a game that will include absolutely all the characters that have been involved in the franchise, plus add some surprises, as is the case of Ridley.

And although not everything was Super Smash Bros (but most), we were also able to play the new Super Mario Party and Mario Tennis, two games that are very fun if you play with friends, which is kinda the idea of the Nintendo Switch, take it to any side to play with your friends wherever and whenever.

We have also been able to talk to Romina Whitlock, who is Head of Marketing for Nintendo of Latin america, and who has told us some interesting details on Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, as well as the arrival of Nintendo Labo to Mexico.

Regarding Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, Romina commented that the game has been recreated in many items, because currently the games fights are faster and more claimants in comparison with that discussed above, so that each character has been recalibrated and you will have endowed it with new actions and powers to do a lot more fun to the game.

And for those who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Nintendo Labo to Mexico, Romina has told us that it will be this year when you take a look at this interesting admixture of cardboard for the Nintendo Switch in our country. There is still no official release date, but it is sure that Nintendo Labo will be sold in Mexico in a short time.

Don’t miss all the details of what’s new from Nintendo at this E3 in our video, and remember to comment what was it that you liked the presentations of Nintendo.

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