What we lost: Elon Musk registered trademark of tequila “Teslaquila”

Elon Musk always finds a new way to surprise us. Apparently decided that the advanced features of the cars Tesla they needed something more innovative, such as your own tequila, for example.

The CEO of the company tweeted earlier this year, just on the eve of April Fools Day the equivalent day of the innocents, a string of jokes about getting drunk with “Teslaquila“.

It seems that the same fell in his own joke, because according to reports, October 8, filled out the documents to register the mark in the Patent Office of the united States.

The same confirmed the information with a “visual approach”. Published a 750 ml bottle with a red label and white with the legend “Teslaquila”. This is how he would look:

Seriously, what is this? More decisions erratic and strange behavior, why don’t you just calm down and concentrated on saving the business that you already have. As if getting to Mars out a little thing or as if to receive fines of $ 20 million was something normal. Maybe for a character like Musk is.

Richard Branson was an “Already 100TC Cñor” to Elon Musk

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