What you should know if you dream to become a famous football player, actor, or model, at least for a day

Yesterday I drove the team and do 100 jumps a day without knowing that soon you will become the basketball player most famous of all time. You spent two months in the clinic between patients with cerebral palsy without getting up from the wheelchair to play a role in the film or you cut the hands with the strings of the guitar creating a new success, even if you can afford to buy songs from other people.

But most of the common people see the other face of fame: contracts worth millions, travel around the world at the expense of others, flexible hours, and thousands of fans. Admit it, have you ever wanted to change of place, at least for a day, with any of the actors or sports stars, or prove yourself in the role of a professional traveler?

<p><strong>Great.guru</strong> we decided to find out how to see the other side of the success of those whose life seems to be devoid of routine and boredom, and what they have to do in the name of the job of their dreams.</p>

Daniel Day-Lewis lived for six months in the jungle to get it in the paper. By their sacrifices, he received the Oscar

The winner of three Oscars deals with a lot of seriousness analysis of every character that will be on the screen. For example, for the role in the movie the last of The mohicans, he spent 6 months in the heart of nature: he learned how to build canoes and make traps for animals in order to experience in full what you would have to interpret.

For his role in the film Gangs of New York, Daniel Day-Lewis worked as a butcher and gave him hypothermia because he refused to wear a thermal jacket during the filming, because in the middle of the NINETEENTH century, his character wore in another way.

Before starting the shooting of the film My left foot, the actor spent 8 weeks in a clinic for people who suffer from cerebral palsy, got around everywhere in a wheelchair and asked to be fed with a spoon to get it in the paper, even managed to break two ribs.

Before the filming of the movie Boxer, blow to the life, Daniel Day-Lewis, who had practiced boxing before, I request an additional period of 18 months to get in shape: “at that time, the actor might participate in professional competitions and be part of the top ten of the boxers british in the mid-weight.

In the period between filming, Daniel often practiced “strange things”, for example, works as a shoemaker in ordinary.

Alexandra Bilgits account honestly how is the life of a talented dancer

Alexandra is devoted to the ballet, he dances the dance of the belly, it acts in the categories “dance show” and “rhythmic gymnastics”. The art of the dance is the sense of your life, but Alexandra shows honestly all the pros and cons of the job. For example, this is how you see the feet after a full day of dancing in shoes of tip.

Special care for the legs, several fitness equipment to stretch the muscles and strengthen the ligaments, a special diet that improves the quality of the muscles and ligaments without damaging the figure, the strict regime and constant workloads daily without which right away appears excruciating pain in the body, a cocktail of painkillers before each function — according to the artist of ballet Sergei Polunin, it looks like the life of any dancer.

Ed Harris slept in the bed of the artist, built a painting studio and for 10 years was prepared for the role

The actor read casually the biography of Jackson Pollock, and spent 10 years thinking on the idea of a film about the artist. Ed studied all the books and documentaries available on Pollock, visited the galleries of art where he explored the paintings of the master for a long time, he began smoking cigars a favorite of the artist, traveled to the museum house of Pollock, and slept in his bed, then built a studio where he learned painting and recreated several works of Pollock. These same paintings appear in the film Pollock.

Taylor Phinney had several fractures very complicated, but it recovered in a year and continued his career

Taylor is a cyclist route and track, the world champion in the race of individual pursuit on the track. Injuries, bruises, sprains, cramps, and fractures are part of the life of every athlete. But Taylor is actively opposed to any form of doping and does not accept or even pain medication are authorized during the competition considering that pain is an integral part of the sport.

In 2014, Taylor broke his tibia and fibula in his left leg during a race. Half a century ago, after such a fracture, a person would be disabled for the rest of your life without being able to lean on the injured leg. But modern medicine and the strong personality of the cyclist contributed to his recovery, in a year, he was able to continue his career.

Joaquin Phoenix took a sword to all parties, he learned to play the guitar and almost went crazy for the role

The actor is seriously preparing for each role. While Russell Crowe perfecting his physical form for Gladiator, Joaquin worked in details: he learned to wield the sword that became her attribute inseparable since that was getting used to his weight and position to be able to develop the way of walking correct and appropriate movement.

For the film Johnny & June: passion and craziness, spent a lot of time in learning to play the guitar and sing. This experience seriously affected his mental health: the artist was to leave the film industry and become a hip hop musician.

Michael Jordan was kicked off a basketball team because I didn’t know jump

Michael Jordan, in addition to having a physical incredible innate, had to work hard to develop their skills. At school, Michael was expelled from the basketball team, and when the athlete only began to play in the NBA, his jumps were far from perfect, so during the break between seasons did 100 jumps a day to improve your physical condition. His former coach assures that it was hard work that turned Michael into the basketball superstar.

Janessa Wright shows how it looks the reverse of the life of a model successful

Janessa forging his career in the business of modeling and working hostess in a restaurant. The girl account honestly about the difficulties of the life of a model: the prohibition of the use of Photoshop generated the demand for models with the perfect skin, body ideal and unusual features of the face. The models have to work tirelessly to shape their bodies: workouts grueling, strict diets, cosmetic procedures and expensive plastic surgeries.

The other side of the business modeling is the income unstable and the drugs that are used to cope with depression. At the same time, many models studying and looking for any source of extra income to pay bills and somehow build their future.

Bethany Hamilton is currently among the best surfers in the world despite the loss of his arm due to a shark attack

Bethany is a girl from hawaii who has been surfing since childhood. An athlete is young and talented with a great future ahead of him. But, at the age of 13 years, was attacked by a shark that tore off the left arm of the girl. The trauma is terrible and could not stop Bethany: in 26 days, the athlete returned to put the feet on his table.

Today, it remains firmly in the top 50 of the best surfers in the world, wins numerous awards and inspires others with his example. Her story served as the basis for the movie Soul Surfer.

George Hincapie is recovering from fractures and infections, healed their veins and more than once started from scratch

George is the only cyclist in american history who participated in 5 Olympic Games and 8 times was part of the team that won the Tour de France. But his brilliant career is full of serious injuries and health problems, including a respiratory infection complex, fractures of clavicle, wrist, and varicose veins. In 2012, George admitted that, at the beginning of his career, even resorted to banned substances to make their way among the professional cyclists.

Linda Hamlilton fulfilled the program of training of the SEALs to prepare your body and become Sarah Connor. And 28 years later, he returned to the role

In order to prepare for the role of Sarah Connor, the coach made that Linda would pass a real hell. Thirteen weeks before the beginning of the shoot, the actress who weighed only 50 kg he began a grueling training: cardio exercises, weight lifting, shooting, judo and a special diet without a gram of fat. The coach even suggested that Linda will get to snorkel in the ocean with a weight of 20 kg is subject to his belt. And all of this training to a year and a half after the birth of his son.

Today, Linda is again in excellent physical condition and is preparing for the filming of the new movie Terminator.

John Mikel Obi played 90 minutes on the field while the kidnappers were torturing his father and threatened him of death

During the World Cup 2018, the father of the captain of the national team of nigeria was kidnapped. John Mikel Obi was preparing to play with Argentina when unknown persons approached him and demanded a ransom in exchange for their father, threatened with torture and death. The player reported the incident only to his close friends, coaches and team members knew nothing. John spent 90 minutes on the field, saying that he could not do otherwise out of respect to the 198 millions of fans of the selection of Nigeria.

A week later, the police released his father, is currently admitted in the hospital and is recovering from the torture. The match ended with the victory of Argentina by 2-to-1.

Arnold Schwarzenegger swam in the water rotten, fought in the jungle against the diarrhea and it took half a year to learn tango

Arnold Schwarzenegger is preparing carefully for the papers and is delivered to the maximum during the shooting. For example, it took six months to learn how to dance tango with Jamie Lee Curtis for the movie true Lies. The experience proved useful in movie Junior. And, their first dance steps, Arnold made during the lessons of ballet in 1976.

The shooting more difficult in the career of Schwarzenegger was filming” Predator: the players had lost up to 11 kg due to the diarrhoea caused by the dirty water in the hotel, the rehearsals before the shooting began at 3:00 in the morning, Arnold had to crawl in the dirty water, and cold with leeches and receive constant blows of the “predator” Kevin Hall, failing constantly not see anything with the mask on. At some point in time, the filming was interrupted because Schwarzenegger should attend your own wedding. Their honeymoon lasted three days, after which, the actor returned to the jungle.

Regina Todorenko follows in your work while sick, it rarely appears in the house, and he is not afraid of the difficulties

The life of a tv presenter is the tight schedule, visits to rare-home, need to eat food strangers, frequent flights and diseases that have to be faced in the workplace. For example, in the united States, the presenter of ate 3 kg of burgers spicy in 12 minutes for a bet, after he directed the program for several days suffering from abdominal pain. Already in Mexico, Regina was diagnosed with an infection due to irritation of the intestine with spicy food.

During the filming in the jungle, the girl was stung by an insect, the bite caused an allergic reaction on his face that seriously affected his work schedule.

But Regina is facing the difficulties with the head high. Once, during the holidays with a friend in Barcelona, their cell phones stolen and the last 50 € you had. Without thinking twice, the girls started to sing in the street and raised enough to get to the hotel.

Ashley Smith takes to his blog that shows the life of the stewardess no-frills: a schedule complicated, lack of sleep, problems of food and strict requirements of the airline

The hostess takes your video blog and speaks honestly of how difficult it is to adapt to the constant changes of time zones, the hours irregular, and the strict rules of the airlines and the passengers troublemakers on-board. During stops between flights, the crew can be housed in a dormitory for 10 people, and due to flight delays, sometimes there is not time even for a snack. You have to work weekends and holidays, it is often necessary to deal with passengers drunk. In spite of all, the hostess should always look good, be friendly with the passengers and keep the smile.

Basketball players high as Darrell Armstrong all of his life suffering from pain in the legs due to the size of their feet

Judging by the photos, the feet of James LeBron, Evon Turner and Shaquille O’neal are not at all easy. The feet of many basketball players resemble those of the girls chinese, who deliberately deformed their members with tape, giving them the shape of a half moon. As a result, the fingers do not grow properly, the nail will wear out constantly, develop flat feet, grow bunions, the person gets tired of terrible pains. Unfortunately, this is the integral part of the profession: the legs of basketball players suffer enormous burdens, although we are accustomed to seeing such injuries only in dancers.

Montel Williams, in her life without cameras, is actively fighting the multiple sclerosis that is slowly killing

In 1999, the tv presenter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which affects gradually the nerve fibers of the brain and the spinal cord. In 2009, Montel confessed that he struggles daily with the pain. One of the factors that favour the development of disease is stress: the part of the world of the show.

Today, Montel follow a strict diet, exercises and spends a lot of money in the development of cannabis-based medicines that help people with multiple sclerosis to improve their quality of life.

Lady Gaga suffers from aches sudden, symmetrical, and made up his successes until you bleed your fingers

The singer lives a full life, but once in a while you have to interrupt your concert and cancel their performances due to the fibromyalgia chronic which is expressed in the appearance of severe pain symmetrical, insomnia, fatigue, muscle stiffness and problems with concentration. Lady Gaga said that one of the remedies to get in shape quickly was to relax in the sauna under the glare of ultraviolet light.

The singer is usually working without taking a breath. Composing new songs you can cut your fingers with the strings or injured during the proceedings, but to keep singing because her fans are everything to her.

Ilya Kutepov spent 100 minutes on the field with a foot injury in the decisive match of the quarterfinals of the World Cup

So it looked to the foot of Ilya in the first half of the match against the selection of Croatian in the quarter-finals of the World cup 2018. The player had to play 100 minutes. The Russian national team was not able to move to the semi-finals, but he fought with dignity until the end of the match equalized. His team-mate Yuri Zhirkov, he confessed that he took painkillers to be able to continue playing in the match against the egyptian team, but returned to the field in the following parties.

Bonus: Dan Mancina lost the sight, but did not abandon the skateboard despite the warnings of doctors

At the age of 13 years, Dan knew that she was suffering from a degenerative disease that would make him lose all of the vision with the passage of time. I also knew that the physical activity might accelerate the process. Today you do not see with the left eye, and distinguish between different tones with the right, but continues skating.

Does the stunts and trains daily. Before the implementation of each element of your jumps, check out the space with a cane and only then climb with safety to the skateboard. Dan is not afraid of injuries, and you don’t get more than a skater’s average, but thanks to his willpower, he has recently become the face of the company Red Bull.

This is how it looks.

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