The 10 best doodle interactive Google

One of the hallmarks characteristic of Google are doodle, they are all that art that is displayed in the main page of the search engine to commemorate an important event of the year, and we can even see the day of our birthday.

These doodle for Google can also be international elements that are held around the world, or they can be local, which are those that we see in important dates for our country.

But there are some doodle that stand out for being interactive, that is to say, display some game or function with which we can directly interact with the doodle. For this reason we have decided to compile the 10 best doodle interactive Google today.

99. anniversary of the birth of Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta (El Santo) – September 23, 2016

doodle el santo

The Saint is one of the characters mexican most important of the last few decades, and it is also one of the icons of mexican around the world. For this reason, Google created an interactive doodle in 2016 to commemorate the 99 anniversary of the birth of Rodolfo Guzman Huerta.

This doodle was a cartoon about this character, and although time no longer works, we cannot deny that he was one of the best. If you want to see the doodle, you can do so here.

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44. anniversary of the birth of hip hop – August 11, 2017

Despite the fact that hip hop is not a genre of music representative in Mexico, in the united States the story is very different and that’s why Google released a doodle to a very special and fun which is for many the best doodle of all time. because we have the possibility of creating our own blend of music with different rhythms of a digital catalog.

If you want to try this doodle you can do so here.

Halloween 2016

We had already recommended this doodle on previous occasions, because this is not a doodle more to commemorate Halloween, but that includes an interactive game very fun in that you’ll have to prove your skills and face all the ghosts that appear.

Try this fun doodle here.

Rubik’s cube – may 19, 2014

And if we talk about doodles that we really wondered, what the that was launched in 2014 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this fun puzzle.

This interactive doodle lets you solve the Rubik’s cube in a fun way. So if you are good with this puzzle do not wait any longer to try it out from this league.

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66.Anniversary of Roswell – July 8, 2013

doodle marciano

Probably heard or know the story about the Roswell incident, where allegedly an alien ship is hit in Roswell, New Mexico in the year 1947, the history of which today still take hundreds of conspiracy theories.

To commemorate this event, the doodle Google invites you to join this little game, where you have to help this little alien to find the pieces of your spaceship.

Look at this doodle here.

200 ° anniversary of the fairy tales of Grimm – December 20, 2012

The brothers Grimm left a great legacy to the world with their incredible stories of fantasy, and although this doodle is not a game or video, the company released a series of arts on one of the tales most popular of the brothers Grimm as little red riding hood.

If you want to see this amazing doodle, you can do so here.

Meteor shower perseids – August 12, 2014

doodle estrellas

The perseids are a meteor shower that occurs year-on-year in the month of August, natural phenomenon that can be seen in the united States, and in 2014 Google launched an interactive doodle with a video that shows this amazing phenomenon astrological.

Do you want to see this doodle?, you can do so here.

117.Anniversary of the birth of Oskar Fischinger – June 22, 2017

doodle música

Oskar Fischinger was recognized for his ability to combine visual images, impeccably synchronized with a musical accompaniment, and that is that he was a painter, animator and abstract filmmaker, German, and probably many remember him by the combination of the music and the geometry.

For this reason, Google created an interactive doodle, with which we can create music in the style of Fischinger. If you want to try this doodle, here you have the league.

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96.Anniversary of the birth of Les Paul – June 9, 2011

If you like the music, you surely know the guitars Les Paul that currently makes Gibson as the Les Paul, whose name was Lester William Polsfuss was a musician and inventor of musical instruments and recording techniques, and it was thanks to all that made that Gibson was baptized by one of his collections with his name.

This interactive doodle will be used to make music and record it in a fun way. If you want to try this doodle comes here.

78.Anniversary of the birth of Robert Moog – may 23, 2012

doodle musicaFollowing the doodle’s music, we are commemorating Robert Moog, inventor of synthesizer, Moog, with which you can create a wide range of sounds, and that is used in many musical genres today.

As is the case with the doodle previous, Google allows us to bind our piece of music to hear it and share it with our friends. If you want to try this doodle you can do so here.