The 10 items that most forget in Uber

As well said Arjona (iugh) in the 90’s, the stories of taxi gets good. Now imagine Uber, though it is not a taxi, is transporting to the public, and hundreds of thousands of trips, do the things that need to be seen?

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That is why, with a statement, Uber unveiled the objects that most forget in amount, the most bizarre and also the cities more forgetful in Mexico. And is that with a capital of 28,000 forgotten things per month, you will notice that the list is quite interesting.

First things first: the most common

Between tooodo what we forget in Uber, the cell phone takes the first place followed by cash and by identifications.

  • Cell
  • Portfolio or money
  • Identifications
  • Chargers
  • Lenses
  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • Hearing aids
  • Shopping (clothes, food, etc.)
  • Backpacks (many of them with computers)

Then a snack: The most “curious”

  • A baby (happened in Coahuila; the driver gave an account of its little passenger a few blocks after leaving the family)
  • A dog
  • Pizza and tacos
  • A pot of tamales (the driver decided to keep the pot at their house in what seemed to the owner; however, her daughters took the opportunity to encajarle the tooth into a few pieces).
  • A wedding dress

That comes the main dish: The most bizarre

  • Machine to make ice
  • Screen 55-inch TV
  • Bath robe
  • Hair dryer
  • Tickets to a concert
  • Bible black
  • Rim
  • Sex toy
  • Bike
  • Shoe with a sock

The dessert: the cities most forgetful

Mexico city
Ciudad Juarez

What if I forgot something?

Our friends at Chilango promptly inform us that, according to Uber, 93% of the objects forgotten in Uber back to its owner, while the rest correspond to the objects that tend to fall out of the car to open the door, hide in the seats or belongs to those cases in which the users use Uber as a messaging service, but no one is in the destination to receive them.

If you forgot your pot of tamales, your cell phone or any other thing, the only thing you have to do is open Uber and click on Help or History and select the trip that you forgot your object. Subsequently, you only have to press the option for lost Items.

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There you can do one of two things: The first is to contact the driver. Uber will request your phone number and we will link you with the driver to agree, and you can retrieve your shoe with a sock (or whatever you lost). If you do not answer, you can select the option of Writing to Uber to help you locate it.

Once made contact, it remains only to pay $80 by the time of the driver and to make a point for the return of your dryer.

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