The 3 best Mario Party in the history of Nintendo

Today is celebrated one of the iconic characters in the history of Nintendo: Mario, the plumber that has earned the hearts of millions of gamers, but also has penetrated the collective imaginary. Any person, even if he has never touched a video game, you could immediately recognize who it is Mario Bros.

It should be noted that today is not the anniversary of the character as such, but Nintendo held on march 10, because by bringing together the Sea (short march) and the number 10, is obtained as a result Mar10= Mario. To celebrate their day, companies such as Google, decided to commemorate him and what we can see through his leading role in the application of Maps, making reference to Mario Kart.

We were invaded by the nostalgia because we know that the character continues to live in new titles, but nothing like remembering some of the many games in which it has been protagonist. For this reason, we want to commemorate their day through a count of the best Mario Party, or at least the one that we have liked.

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Mario Party 1 – Nintendo 64

mario party 1

Mario Party is a series of video games in which users can play and control four characters from the fictional universe of Mario Bros through a board in which there are multiple mini-games fun. It was in 1998 when it came out the first title of this franchise for the Nintendo 64 and, without a doubt, it turned out to be a success unmatched by its novel format in that it allowed families and friends sit down to enjoy a long time fun. It is one of the most remember for being the first, but also proved to have a lot of variety in entertainment.

Mario Party 2 – Nintendo 64

mario party 2

Due to the success of the first installment of Mario Party, in the year 2000 went the title number 2. After, it was marketed at the Wii as a downloadable game for the Virtual Console in the year 2010 and Wii U in 2016. In this installment, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario and Donkey Kong have organized a party to tell their adventures and share their desire to create a new territory where they can develop their skills.

Soon, however, a conflict arises between the characters with respect to the name of this land and to whom it should be awarded the honor of being your representative. Meanwhile, Bowser has invaded the place and has proclaimed himself king. Despite the fact that competitiveness is kept afloat, players must join to defeat Bowser… but only the strongest rival could do that. It is one of the ones we love, because we feel that the mini-games were actually fun and innovative.

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Mario Party 4 – GameCube

marioparty 4

For all those who were already enamored of the first three installments of Mario Party, the arrival of title 4 for the GameCube was a watershed. It was released in the year 2002 and provided scenarios and boards very attractive so that the players can move around on the mission of their objectives. Here there are already new characters and variety of mini-games.

The story begins like this: Mario and his friends were outside of the castle of Peach, when, suddenly, the sky starts to darken and see how a gift giant appears, then, about the gift appear Toad, Koopa Troopas, Goomba, Boo and Shy Guy that you invite to play another game of Mario Party, however, after Bowser comes and ruins things with his own board, which is presented by Mini Bowser.

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What we know, we put only three deliveries because they are the ones that we consider as our favorite and for consoles of yesteryear, but the other Mario Party are bad, though we do think the new titles have been garbled a bit of the essence of the whole series of the Nintendo franchise.

Share with us which ones are your favorites.

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