The Apple Watch Series 4 are detecting the pulse of what objects?

Most of the trends that become viral in social networks, they are rare and make others into thinking what I was thinking, an example of this are the people who are placing their Apple Watch Series 4 of the objects to detect your pulse.

The how it all started, it is not known very well, although it is believed that it was because someone had too much free time, but that is not the interesting thing, because the smart watch are reacting and we are taking the pulse of those objects.

Believe it or not, the Apple Watch Series 4 have recorded heart rates of bananas, cups and even toilet papers, just as if they were people of flesh and bone, even they are giving beats varied.

This above refers to a roll of toilet paper shows a heart rate of 81 beats per minute, while a cup of coffee (no coffee inside), got a 72; but what is all this, almost all of the watches are damaged.

Why the Apple Watch Series 4 are detecting the pulse of objects?

In fact, Apple has not come out to issue any comment, but one of their competitors who also manufactures watches, smart came out to give a theory of why this happened, if the objects are inanimate.

The things on which we tested the Apple Watch Series 4, have one feature in common: color , and this may be the reason why you can take your pulse.

Is it worth the new Apple Watch Series 4?

According to Xiaomi, the colors that these objects must reflect light, which can confuse the sensors of light are the ones that allow you to be able to take the pulse, this process is known as fotopletismografía.

This process name complicated, it works in the following way:

  • Heart rate monitors detect the heartbeat through sensors light
  • Each time that a light sensor is activated, it emits a green light in the wrist of the user
  • The blood of the user absorbs this light, which means that when the blood flows faster, the more green light it is absorbing

This is why a toilet paper doesn’t have the same “pulse” that a banana, because it is not reflecting the same amount of light/colours.

There you have the answer, but despite this, it does not prevent that one can try it if you have a smart watch, and free time. and Partners.

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