Firefighters are asking people not to leave water bottles in the car

According to an article from the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, 90 % of all the against natural disasters are water-related. But storms, floods, tsunamis and droughts are not the only threats that mankind must face. As you will read in our article, we must be very careful even with a small bottle of water on a hot day. wants to tell you today about the dangers of leaving bottles of water in the car, as these can cause fires or cause other damage (major and minor). If you think that none of this can really be possible, continue reading this article.

How it happens:

Have you ever tried to burn a sheet of paper with a magnifying glass under direct sunlight? With a bottle of water you can achieve the same result.

When the plastic and the liquid are traversed by the sun’s rays, generate the same effect as the lens of a magnifying glass. In a test conducted by the Fire Department of the City of Midwest, the light of the sun went through a bottle of water reached 250 degrees! That is hot enough to convince you to be a pedestrian full-time.

What you see in the photo below is only a consequence less of leaving a bottle in a car. How can you avoid something happening as well?

The precautionary measures can seem obvious enough, but even so, we want to remind you about them.

  • Try not to bring a bottle of water in your car. In accordance with the National Lottery in the Uk, an average adult forgets 3 things that are key all day. The modern life style, the increase of the pressure and the stress are the culprits of our increasing levels of forgetfulness. Then, are you sure that a water bottle in your car does not become one of those forgotten things?
  • If you are a person that can’t live without a bottle of water on a hot day, set a reminder on your phone and it takes a each time you leave home. This will take a few seconds, but this also prevents your car from burning.
  • If you do not want to carry with you a bottle so heavy, be sure to leave it in a place where the rays of the sun can’t reach it (for example, in the trunk).

Some other threats:

The safety of our cars is even less important than our own health. A research conducted by the University of Florida discovered that the plastic commonly used in water bottles can release antimony and bisphenol A (the much-feared GAP) if exposed to sunlight over a period of time. The more you leave these containers in a warm environment, the more antimony will be released. Here is a list of problems that can lead to these toxins:

  • Changes in hormone levels.
  • Problems of the heart.
  • Increased risk of getting cancer.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.

Some studies have also linked these substances with spontaneous abortions and retinal hemorrhage.

Have you ever heard of this phenomenon? Do you know other facts about how dangerous it can be to leave plastic water bottles in the sun for a long time? It tell us in the comments below!

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