The crystals of the new iPhone confirm several rumors of size and price

It is no surprise that the leaks of the iPhone to be released in September of this year, abound in the social networks, but in reality there are very few people that can be trusted on what they say about them.

This time, Ben Geskin, who is well known for its leaks in the technology sector, released a photograph that supposedly shows the glass panels that will have the next three cell.

These front reveal big differences there will be between the new generations and the new model that will be low-cost, such as what I had commented the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously in an ad where it explained what would be the new releases that would be in the fall.

Although little is known of them, until now, the iPhone have become the issue that has been on everyone’s lips, already wanting to know how much it will bring and what will be the prices which will in the market.

It should be noted that Apple announced that the three new models would be an iPhone X 5.8 inch OLED screen, an iPhone X Plus 6.5-inch OLED screen and an iPhone 6.1-inch LCD screen, this would mean that there would be a cost difference less than the rest of the models.

That said and with the image that exposes the size of the different smartphones, this is confirmed by the models and some of their characteristics that they will share such as the microprocessor (Apple A12) and the facial recognition system Face ID.

This is the first external battery for your iPhone certified by Apple

Also, it will be appreciated that the three have the notch or tab that is located at the bottom of the cell, contains the speaker, the front camera and other sensors such as the Face ID.

Even if they have this in common, the technologies of display and the cameras, yes you will vary depending on each model, making a difference between them.

With this, you only need to see if the models are as is, imagine the people, and they will have all the attachments that have been mentioned previously.

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