The Google Pixel 3 in Mexico

Has finished the Google event in New York, and again we are going to stay with the desire to see the new Google Pixel 3 in Mexico, because in spite of that the company of Mountain View has extended the markets where it will sell its new phones, Mexico or some other country of Latin america are again out of the list.

We are in contact with Google Mexico to to know whether the plans of the company is referred to the arrival of these phones at any time of the year, however, I still don’t get answer, so we will update the information when we have details.

These are all the products that Google introduced today in New York

Google embraces Europe

Among the new countries where they sell the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL we have France, Italy, Ireland and Spain, it seems that this time will be able to buy it through the Google Store, and not a telephone operator as was the case with the Pixel 2 XL.

Other markets in Asia such as Japan, India, Taiwan and Singapore will also enjoy the new phones from Google, although in the case of India and Japan, they were already able to buy from the past year.

How to buy a new Pixel 3 in Mexico?

Unfortunately it seems that once again the way of purchasing one of the new teams from the company will be through retailers or third parties, which assumes that prices not only will be exaggerated (again), but in addition we will have the classic problem of the warranty and technical support.

I have No doubt that soon Amazon, free Market or other online stores are going to market the new phones from Google, so if you are waiting for the recalls that will begin to be sold in the united States on the 17th of October.

How the Pixel 4 will arrive to Mexico?

Well, it is very early to tell, but betting that the company would bring to Mexico the third generation of their phones because of your interest in becoming a strong brand, so I find it very strange that Google is still betting on Mexico, Brazil or Argentina, especially when you already sold your Google Home in our country.

But if you insist, you could even say that there is a high probability that the Pixel 4 do not come to Mexico, so we have to bet on other options. and Partners.

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