The infidels will vote for BREAD and Brunette, says Ashley Madison

The policy and the infidelity to have a relationship long and close, but when it comes to the voters, how will this thing? To learn this information, the technology and the desire for “adventures” operated in favour of Ashley Madison, the digital platform of extramarital relations largest in the world, that he gave the task of knowing what voters are the most unfaithful way to the elections next July 1.

To achieve its mission, Ashley Madison conducted a survey among the users of their platform and to the surprise of many, the BREAD was the most popular choice with 34%, followed by Brown, and in a very distant third place (sound familiar?) the PRI.

Why are they so? Margarita Zavala waiver of the election and we already have the best memes

Thus they were the results of the poll among the voters most infidels:

  1. BREAD – 34%
  2. BROWN 32%
  3. PRI – 13%
  4. Social Gathering – 7%
  5. Citizen Movement – 5%

“Those who responded to the survey belonging to the left are normally associated with a more open-minded, these people may have partners outside of the marriage but sometimes it is so consensada. In contrast, people with trends and right-wing are more traditional but have more extramarital affairs tend to be more unfaithful,” said Victor Hermosillo, Director of Communications Ashley Madison for Latin america.

And you, do you agree with these results?

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