Makeup artists shared 10 mistakes of makeup which age women

Do you remember how in our youth we contracted to wear makeup before going out partying to seem older? But with age, the aim of the makeup is changed, and the girls turn to cosmetics to look young and fresh. But some tools do not help us in this: on the contrary, emphasize the wrinkles, added age, or even make the face look artificial. has compiled the most common mistakes in makeup that will make you seem greater at your age.

1. Matte foundation and powder fluffy

The best way to create a mask without life in your face is to use a tone matte. Such a tool dry skin and emphasized every wrinkle. To look younger, use textures and light remedies moisturizers of natural tones.

If you use powder fluffy, complies with the rule “don’t exaggerate”. The powder is designed to remove the oily shine and even out the tone. Applying a thick layer, on the contrary, enfatizarás defects.

2. Shadows pearly whites on the upper eyelid

The shadows clear bright increase visually, so they are used by many girls to get a look more open. But do not hurry to resort to the pearl color if the skin of your eyelids is not perfectly smooth. The microparticles brightly in the composition will accentuate every wrinkle and fold, calling attention to them. Also be careful with the shadows raincoats, because, one hour after the application, this makeup is clumpy, highlighting the irregularities of the eyelid.

But the shadows of a natural tone matte, on the contrary, they hide the small flaws, and even unify the color of the eyelid.

3. Incorrect use of the checker

The makeup artists do not recommend to use concealer as a tool for tonal main, since that will convert the face into a mask mono. The selection of the right tone also plays an important role. A concealer is too dark increase the dark circles, and too much light will attract the attention to the wrinkles, instead of hiding them.

Don’t forget to moisten the skin around the eyes before using concealer. Otherwise, the remedy will clog fine wrinkles, highlighting them even more.

4. Eyeliner dark on the lower lid

Do you want wrinkles and dark circles become more visible? Then the eyeliner is dark for you. Otherwise, you have to dispense with their use in the lower lid. In addition, the outline dark well delineated in the lower eyelid closer visually to the eyes.

The make-up artist famous Hollywood Luss Aucoin, who has worked with stars such as Liza Minnelli, Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista, proposed to apply on the lower eyelids shade lighter or pen. In combination with the eyeliner and lashes curled in the upper eyelid creates the effect of a sort of facelift.

5. Arrows fall straight or

The arrows directed down, or the arrows, straight lines emphasize the asymmetry of the face and give him a sad expression. To create an image successfully, draw the line along the outer corner of the upper eyelid. You will create a effect seductive in the eye of a cat.

6. Mask on the lower lashes

Do not overdo it with the mask. In our youth, it was enough to paint the lips and apply blush on the cheeks. With age, the tips faded from the tabs become a beauty in a woman without a personality. The mask properly selected will provide volume to the lashes and charm to your owns.

Everything mentioned above applies only to the top lashes. The mask is applied on the lower lashes will emphasize the facial wrinkles and under-eye circles, so it is better to do without this technique.

7. Thin eyebrows in the shape of a bow

A thin curved line of the eyebrows gives an over-sharpened to the factions, and the arch-shaped distorts the face into a grimace of surprise little natural. In addition, the brows thin as a thread to attract attention to the wrinkles around the eyes.

They look much more harmonious the eyebrows are moderately thick naturally. If you can not boast of a beautiful brow color-rich, makeup artists will advise you to draw the hair missing, and blend gently tone.

8. Blush-tone dark

The contouring is the most important part of the makeup that allows you to emphasize the advantages and correct the shortcomings of our face. But not all the techniques used by makeup artists suitable for women after the age of 30.

The blush tones of bronze and brown will highlight the cheekbones, but, unfortunately, along with this, you will add some years of more. If you want to look fresh, apply a blush of peach or natural pink tone on the cheeks and make sure to mist it.

9. Lipstick matte

Due to its texture, the lipsticks are matte block the micro-cracks in the lips, removing the volume of the lips, making them dry and visually narrow, ensures the make-up artist Diana Kendal. But do not forget the lip gloss is able to emphasise even the tiniest defects. There is, therefore, to find a balance in the makeup of the lips: a natural color with a slight brightness in the center.

10. Lipstick reddish brown

The dark colors visually reduce the volume of the lips and emphasize every crease in them. A more appropriate option will be a shade slightly darker than the natural color of the lips or the brightness of a natural tone.

The method of applying lipstick plays an important role. The makeup artist Tricia Cusden recommended to use a brush that will help to cover the lips smoothly and blend the cosmetic.

Stop committing these mistakes if you want to look young and attractive. What do you know about the techniques of make up can add years extra?

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