The best mobile games for free for Android and iOS April

There are occasions that we feel really bored and desperate and the only thing that we have on hand is our smartphone. However, we decided to browse through social networks or other portals, but we could make better use with applications or mobile games that entertain us for hours, though of course without neglecting the responsibilities.

For this reason, we want to show you a listing of fun games that you can find in both Android as iOS and, best of all, is that they are completely free. The games were released during the month of April.

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Sniper Strike: Special Ops

juegos moviles

If you are a lover of the stories of snipers or, better still, of the games of shooters, don’t pass up the opportunity to download this mobile game completely free for both operating systems Android and iOS. Here you will have the opportunity to succeed in battles with three game modes and a plethora of missions. In Sniper Strike Special Ops, you’ll have to work with Wolf, Jackson and the rest of the assault force to eliminate the evil Order of Elite.

Drift Max Pro


We all love the competitiveness, and what better way than to take it out in a racing game in which we can find tracks amazing and attractive graphics that are possible to appreciate through our mobile devices.

Best of all is that you can customize your own vehicle with shade attractive, the stickers for the outside, different models of wheels, among other aspects. In addition, you can have fun doing it, “derrapones” with other users online, though, if you don’t have mobile data, don’t worry because there will be many races in which you will participate once you’ve installed the application.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
harry potter

The days of being a muggle have come to an end because it is possible to download on Android and iOS the new video game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, an RPG developed by Warner Bros, in which players will be able to attend college, attend classes, learn to fight, control dark magic and know all the characters that have been part of the Harry Potter stories and that have managed to transcend into popular culture and the collective imaginary.

Through the game you can create your own character (either witch or wizard), choose your own home, to link with Facebook to be in contact with other friends and solve challenges together, to explore rooms never-before-seen from the Castle Hogwarts, learn powerful spells and knowledge of the professors, Dumbledore and Snape, among other things.

Raft Survival: Ultimate

If you’ve ever had the doubt about how to actuarías to survive on an island, this could be your moment. Raft’s Survival is a survival game in which you will build your own raft and battle hungry sharks that have desire of blood (YOUR blood). Account with a lot of scenarios around the sea, such as islands, trenches, and even reefs. And do not believe that it will be something simple because to save your skin, you’ll need to confront climate change to make the experience even more realistic.

Download these apps and games paid for Android totally free

Do you have any other that you want to share with us or that we have missed in the list?

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