The best mobile games for free for Android and iOS February

There are occasions that we feel really bored and desperate and the only thing that we have on hand is our smartphone. However, we decided to browse through social networks or other portals, but we could make better use with applications or mobile games that entertain us for hours, though of course without neglecting the responsibilities.

For this reason, we want to show you a listing of fun games that you can find in both Android as iOS and, best of all, is that they are completely free.

Five amazing adventure games that you can find on Android

Dash Quest Heroes

juegos gratis

To begin, you will need to create a user of player for Google Play Games (in case of Android). You’ll have to create your own character by choosing skin tone, color, and style hair. As the protagonist, your mission is to rescue the Kingdom of Solas that has been imprisoned by the villain Zaru. So, the heroes of the world must defeat him. As you progress, you will have the opportunity to pick up more equipment and forge new items while you live adventures full of fantasy through rolling hills, cloud forests, and more scenarios enclosures. If you like the competitiveness, you can challenge your friends to position yourself in the tables in line.

Grand Stunt Jump San Andreas

grand theft auto san andreas

If you ever played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, you could give a try to this application in which the protagonist is a gangster who is falling to the void, and you must dodge multiple obstacles to not die. The goal is simple, but the level of complexity is high. There are different tests that measure how much distance you can survive the protagonist, so you’ll have to be cautious and avoid at all costs that is stamped with all the objects of the city. Grand Stunt Jump San Andreas is a game that is extremely addictive and fun.

World of Warships Blitz

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If your interest in video games is focused on themes of war, do not hesitate to download this application which is a simulator for naval warfare. While its graphics, design and quests are not as complex, does not mean that you will get hours of fun. It is a multiplayer action game that will require a lot of strategy to the intense strife of the Second World War. You may find yourself in battles of 7 on 7 and master leviatantes (inhuman monsters) of the united States, Japan, Soviet Union and Great Britain. At the same time, if you feel attracted by adventure marine, boats and many more things… this game could encantarte.

Super Hero Fight Club

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If you like superheroes but are tired of the same forever, maybe you could try with this alternative in which you’ll find the characters are very varied; from a hero rat, a chef, or an exterminator. It is a multiplayer game that will test your competitiveness and ingenuity to fight. The gameplay is a little tricky at first, but after many attempts and practice, you will become the best. Don’t hesitate to challenge your friends!

We recommend some Arcade games for Android

Slime Pizza

slime pizza

If you like pizza and video games, you’re already on the other side. Slime Pizza is a very fun that you will have to go to many different platforms with the complexities very high. In the game, you are a dealer of pizzas galactic, but due to an accident all the slices are scattered, so you’ll have to recover them all. Who is the villain? A patrol officer found hovering around the planet. During the game, you’ll find traps and hidden secrets that you will have to know how to take advantage to fulfill your mission.

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