The best mobile games for free for Android and iOS march

There are occasions that we feel really bored and desperate and the only thing that we have on hand is our smartphone. However, we decided to browse through social networks or other portals, but we could make better use with applications or mobile games that entertain us for hours, though of course without neglecting the responsibilities.

For this reason, we want to show you a listing of fun games that you can find in both Android as iOS and, best of all, is that they are completely free.

Five amazing adventure games that you can find on Android

The Sims Mobile

los sims movil

In this version, players can exploit all the new ways to interact with The Sims of other players in parties, or in the city, and use stickers to warn them if they are attractive or amazing. Similarly, we can form families, to transmit inheritances that will have many benefits in the game.

The game is characterized by providing the possibility of creating your own home, customize your players, find a job, earn money, raise a family, or have fun as a single. It is important to mention that the title retains its same essence of other deliveries; same mechanics, philosophy and way of play.


pubg mobile

If you are a lover of action and adventure, this game is for you. 100 players are thrown into a remote island and completely empty of 8×8 km in which everyone must make his side more competitive to find weapons, vehicles and supplies to win the battle. Its graphics are immersive, and, without a doubt, you will be fascinated with the entire repertoire of tactics that you’ll need to succeed… this is not a game of conventional war; here, you really have to plan a strategy. Invite your friends to make teams, and so destroy the enemies.

My Tamagotchi Forever

my tamagotchi forever

If something taught us about the true meaning of responsibility, it was Tamagotchi, a virtual pet that required some care. If you despegabas a little of your pet, corrías the risk of dying for lack of food or attention. All the children of the decade of the 90, had the opportunity to experiment with one of these pets that were kept contained in a small device.

In addition, if you are sufficiently responsible and let your pet develop healthily, you can direct it to play to their talents; from being a musician, to be a school teacher or detective. The game is completely free, but if you want to invest real money to get better items to take care of your pet, you can do it.

Brain trainer

The perfect app to work your mind. With it you will be able to exercise quickly the memory of your brain, concentration, speed, focus and precision. Integrates 20 types of mental exercises with which you can entertain while you learn. These exercises could help you in real life you have more concentration to avoid problems with the disorder. You’re not going to want to pry yourself away from the screen, and you’ll feel totally challenged in order to face new challenges.

Cover Fire

juegos android ios

A shooter more to the collection in which you’ll enjoy many moments of fun attacking your enemies. Form your strategy on the battlefield and kill enemies from all fronts. Enjoy this game with beautiful graphics are excellent and gameplay flawless. You will have several game modes and many customization options for your team. Invite your friends for things to get more interesting and dense. Just try not to fall into the addiction because there are responsibilities to fulfill.

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