The Nike HyperAdapt of “Back to the future” arrive to Mexico

The promise of eternal have the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, with the same technology that we saw with Marty McFly in part two of “Back to the future” is already a reality with a special sale of this extraordinary futuristic model, but you have to put attention because the sale is only tomorrow in the City of Mexico.

The tennis of Sega’s Sonic and Puma could be more awesome than we thought

According to us reports Chilango, Nike brought to CDMX your model inspired by the movie of the 80s, the HyperAdapt. These tennis have the characteristic that they automatically adjust to your foot, with two buttons that serve to increase or to relax the fit until it is perfect.

The tennis courts have a small difference with those of Marty McFly, because in the movie it was only necessary to put the foot so that the tennis alone is fit and in this case it is necessary to do it manually.

How do I get one?

This technology was developed since 2013 and, although in the united States already has a while which went on sale in Mexico it was still not possible to get them.

The initial sale of these tennis courts in our country will be on the 14th of April at the Nike store located in Polanco, to which it was necessary to register on the web site and by now have already closed the registers. Peeero all is not lost, it is expected to make another sale, that’s why here we leave this league to be pending.

We don’t yet know what price will have the HyperAdapt, but, to get an idea, in the united States are sold between 750 and 1,000 dollars (yes, right on the poverty).

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