The Pixel 3 due to the iPhone XS in its best quality

One of the things that Google was harshly criticized with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL was the quality of the screens, which were equipped with technology P-OLED of LG,however, the calibration and resolution was not at the height of his rivals in the high range, and the problems were not long in coming when reported different screens burned in the Pixel 2 XL.

However, with the Pixel 3 things have been very different, in the first place because it changed the P-OLED through the OLED, and because now it seems that the company of Mountain View has put special care in this detail, obtaining the best phone display in the history to the present day.

Here is the magic of the new Google Pixel 3

The best screen in the world on a phone

All were astonished when DisplayMate, a specialized medium that is responsible for analyzing the screens of the phones has published a tweet after the presentation of the Google Pixel where he mentioned that the new phones from Google have the best displays in the world ever seen in a phone, thus exceeding the who held the crown of champions as were the iPhone XS.

DisplayMate mentioned in his time that the Galaxy Note 9 had the best screen in the world until a few weeks ago, when Apple introduced their new iPhone XS, and look to overtake Samsung is complicated, for the brand in south korea does an excellent job, however, Apple managed it, but the taste lasted them a short time, because less than a month of their filing, the Google Pixel has the best screen of the market, though still need to see what will Huawei the next week.

It is good news that Google has put a lot of attention and has done a great job with the screen of their new phones, because that was his weakest point with the past generation, so that now they have everything to boast, that could be the best phones of the year.

DisplayMate published the analysis of the screen of the Google Pixel 3 the next Monday the 15th of October, where we will have all the details as to why you have defeated the iPhone XS and Note 9 in this area. and Partners.

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