The psychologists gave 9 tips that will help you to turn off the conflict in the work and get away with it

The statistics show that middle managers spend 25 to 40% of his time in the conflicts in your place of work. But it could be used to improve the indicators of the enterprise or just in a communication to nice. In this article we will tell you how to resolve conflict in the workplace, in order to feel comfortable with your colleagues.

The team is has compiled a list of situations that can create a tense atmosphere at work, and we’ll tell you how to get out of them.

1. Unreasonable demands of your boss

It is not easy to build a relationship with your superiors. Most of the heads are oriented to action, to be sure of themselves, be discerning and to care about missed opportunities.

But leaders can’t always take into account all the nuances, since they control the entire process, not well-versed in the details of work of each employee or department. That is why some decisions simply can go crazy that’s going to fulfill it, and is concerned about how to do the work qualitatively in all its aspects.

If both the manager as the subordinate is competent enough, why not negotiate to reach an agreement and balance between the knowledge of the two? You don’t have to obey blindly. It is better to express them with courtesy your points of view and fundamentarlos for that, then your head is not in the game for a few calculation errors from your boss.

2. Harassment in the team

If the majority of the stress that we face in the office can be scheduled, and prevented, the reaction of your colleagues is uncontrollable. Especially in the problems of office based on the qualities and personal values. Some tips simple will help you survive in an atmosphere of sexual harassment.

  • Don’t let the person who humbles himself systematically “create a coalition”, speaking with other employees, as if nothing had happened.
  • Some people damage much. If not, you can reduce the intensity of your reaction, at least limited contact with the abuser.
  • Concentrate on the strong points of the opponent, remind on your contribution to the common cause. This will relieve the discomfort.

3. Provocations of people conflicting

According to the studies presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, 5-10% of the workers may suffer personality disorders. There are 4 main types.

The most intolerant and unpleasant of these types is called “star”. Such people fantasize with a resounding success, believe that they know everything better than others, they like to give orders and they don’t tolerate replicas. Connecting with them, you have to keep calm and respect your opinion, but equally to defend your point of view, otherwise it will not be considered.

If you have to convince of something to that person, try to talk to all the arguments, tell about the benefits that you can get both this fellow in particular, as the whole team.

4. Women’s team

In an office where most employees are women, also born of conflict. At first glance, it may seem that the best way out is to stay away. However, on the contrary, this will return you to your companions against you, and at the end you can even lead to a dismissal. Therefore, choose an appropriate balance. How do I do this?

  • Do not share information about your personal life with anyone and don’t talk about problems that are not related to the work tasks.
  • Do you listen to rumours or are talking about someone behind their back? It shows that you’re not going to participate in such conversations. Just try to do without moralism unnecessary.
  • Complies with the dress code and don’t use costumes too bright or provocative items of clothing expensive, accessories.
  • Don’t try to become the “best friend” of anyone. This always note and only cause contempt.
  • Be careful, listen more and, in turn, don’t let tough talk about other classmates.
  • Do not neglect the rules and values of the company. If it is customary to organize corporate parties and celebrate birthdays in the office, don’t ignore it.

5. Disorder of a colleague

The order contributes to inner calm, and the productivity of the majority of the people, but not all of them. Why is your table companion is a disaster forever? There can be several reasons for this.

  • Some people are inspired by the disorder, they believe that it stimulates your ideas, pushes the development.

  • Someone else simply does not notice the disorder does not affect you in any way, simply “does not see”.

Before you accuse your colleague, remind yourself that there is a right or wrong path, and that what you like one may not like the other. In the end, it is your place of work, and only he decides how it will be.

However, if the papers of a colleague “move” little by little to your table, you can reach with a simple request to not pass the borders.

6. The rupture of friendly relations with a colleague

Friendship in the workplace has its pros and cons. One of the disadvantages is the feeling of discomfort that arises when relationships crumble, and you have to see this person every day at work. To overcome it:

  • Avoid disagreements on the personal level and focus on the good that is your ex’s friend to carry out his job duties.
  • Focus on the performance of your duties.
  • Try to keep a professional relationship normal with a person that you were ever a friend.

7. Consequences of an office holiday party

The parties joint are one of the techniques of team work. Studies have shown that managers believe that the celebrations joint and excursions, games and participation in common activities strengthen relationships in the team, which leads to a more efficient workplace, so to speak, through the integration of the personal and professional life.

But here there is a drawback: the undesirable consequences of the parties. Usually, this is expressed in the behavior, stupid colleagues. But you can go through an embarrassing situation.

The best option is to control your behavior. Well, if something at first sight to be irreparable happened, don’t be mad. If possible, try to make a joke of this. If necessary, talk with those who ofendiste without wanting to.

8. Passive aggression

Signe Whitson, a specialist in social work and author of several books on conflict resolution described 4 levels of passive aggression.

  • A person agrees to verbally comply to a request, but delay in doing so or forget to deliberately to fulfill it.
  • An inefficiency intentional, when a person complies with a request, but in an unacceptable way.
  • A person prefers not to share information that may prevent the problem.
  • Revenge hidden: a person defames the reputation of an opponent, frustrated their daily activities, steals important documents, and does all this behind their backs, quietly.

Try speaking openly with the colleague to find out the reasons of their behavior. Usually, this is a misunderstanding, omissions, discontent is hidden that a person, in virtue of their character or other circumstances, do not want to express explicitly.

If you are experiencing an aggression hidden to a colleague, try to see their good sides. Do not feel anger or resentment.

9. Limits of behavior are blurred

Regardless of what others do or say, in the end, all are accountable for themselves, so it is best to stick to a format that is moderately formal communication.

In the work, you should not say and do what you want but, at the same time, you shouldn’t let other people set limits on moral and ethical for you. What is normal for one, for another it may be completely unacceptable.

An effective tool to combat the familiarity in the work is to give your colleagues a feedback instantaneous and direct, but without offending them. That is to say, do not humiliate them or attack them, but to inform you kindly about what you want and what not. The phrase may be the following: “can I ask you to not do this/do not say this in my presence?”.

Have you had any conflict situation in your workplace? How did you solved? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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