The robots sex are not the same as paint, reveals a new study

The industry of robots sex grows rapidly. The hyper-realism of these devices and their high demand have consolidated a strong market that grows year-on-year; in fact it is an industry that represents 30,000 million dollars a year. There are even studies that found that 86% of people would be willing to have sex with one of these gadgets and articles in media like The New York Times that ensure that their use might mitigate the anger.

Big Brother at work, with this technology are monitoring workers

However, now a new a new study published by the BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health ensures that, for more that some people like it, there is no medical evidence certifying that the robots sexual benefits for physical or therapeutic to its users.

The researchers Chantal Cox-George, a doctor of the University Hospitals of St. George in Britain, and Susan Bewley, an obstetrician at King’s College London, came to this conclusion after looking at the medical literature reports on the health aspects of the robots sex and finish with empty hands.

According to a report in The Verge, although these devices can help you to have safer sex or couples looking for more sex than they can be, all of these benefits are more hypothetical, and to the product of fantasies, that is strictly real.

With the report published by BMJ have already emerged reactions of those who seek to shed light on the responsible use of robots sex, as Noel Sharkey, emeritus professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield in England, who applauded the work of both Cox-George and Bewley for his extensive research.


“We realized that the doctors were asked their professional opinion about dolls and sex robots,” said Cox-George on his research. “We advise that the sexbots are not used in medical practice, unless they form part of a solid research and ethics”, he added.

The research of these specialists are focused on four key questions about the robot sex:

  • If you promote a safer sex against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If they offer therapeutic potential for individuals with sexual dysfunctions.
  • If you can help to treat pedophiles and other sex offenders.
  • If you have an impact on the social norms regarding the objectification of the female body.

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