Magical Underground World: Top of the world’s most beautiful metro stations

Magical Underground World: Top of the world’s most beautiful metro stations

Metro stations are most often associated with rats, dirt and noise, and not with architecture. And yet, there are several metro stations in the world that make a discordant note that proves that architecture can turn these underground spaces into true artwork.

The interiors made in the metro stations below are even more impressive when we think about how hard it is to create such wonders. In addition, architects have to take into account the structural integrity of the walls, the air circulation and a lot of other standards and requirements that make their work even harder.

1. Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Inside this subway station is a work by Narcissus Quangliata. Composed of 4,500 glass panels, this structure is considered to be the largest glass artwork in the world. Due to the amazing effect of the kaleidoscope, there were suggestions that this subway station would host weddings.

2. Toledo Station, Naples, Italy

One of the deepest subway stations in Naples, Toledo gives you the impression that you have sunk into the ocean. This effect is created by Catalan designer Oscar Tusquets Blanca. It covered the walls and ceiling of the station with a huge mosaic in a multitude of blue shades.

3. Grand Central Terminal, New York, USA

The leader of the world’s largest metro stations (44 platforms) has an astonishing ceiling of rare beauty. Designed in 1912 and restored several times, the ceiling shows constellations, as they are seen at night.

4. Komsomolskaya station, Moscow, Russia

Kmosomolskaya was designed in neoclassical style by Dmitri Chechulin. The crystal chandeliers and impressive ceilings of this subway station give you the feeling that you are in a huge ballroom.

5. Arts et Metiers Station, Paris, France

When you enter Arts et Metiers, you have the impression that you have entered the wonderful world of Jules Verne. The charm of this subway station is due to the Belgian artist Francois Schuiten, who reconfigured the space in the strampunk style. The copper walls, windows similar to those on the submarines, and the huge wheels hanging from the ceiling take you to the science fiction books written by the famous author.

6. Khalid Bin Al Waleed Station, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is synonymous with opulence, and metro stations here are no exception. The massive jellyfish chandelier hangs from the ceiling and spreads a blue light across the station.

7. Westfriedhof Station, Munich, Germany

The Westfriedhorf station platform is decorated with 11 immense concave bulbs with a diameter of 3.8 meters installed here in 2011. The lighting system bathes this space in blue, red and yellow lights.

8. Stadion Station, Stockholm, Sweden

90 subway stations in the capital of Sweden were decorated by artists with sculptures, mosaics, paintings and installations. One of them is the Stadion station, decorated by artists Enno Hallek and Ake Pallarp. Thanks to them, travelers can expect the metro under a huge rainbow, painted along the arcades.

9. Kungstradgarden Station, Stockholm, Sweden

In this stunning station you can admire the relics of the old Makalos palace, housed in an industrial design space.

10. Park Pobedy Station, Moscow, Russia

Park Pobedy impresses through stained glass, massive marble structures and one of the longest escalators in Europe, which drops 125 meters.

11. Palais Royal, Paris, France

The access to the Louvre Museum impresses tourists not through its interior but through the station’s access path. This is the work of Jean-Michel Othoniel.

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