Bad third: Qualcomm and Apple fight for the fault of Intel

In war, love and business all is ok, or at least that is what has brought out the problem that they are living three tech giants: Qualcomm, Apple and Intel, as one accuses the other for giving private information to one more.

Sounds complicated and it is because of the accusations that is taking place are serious, because you’re talking about leaks of classified information for the benefit of a third party, without the clear consent of the original owner.

In a nutshell, Qualcomm is accusing Apple of stealing several trade secrets and give them to Intel, who is one of the competitors most hardened faces, the first manufacturer of chips.

This problem has not remained only in words, because Qualcomm has imposed a lawsuit against the company apple, which indicates that there is a judgment and it will be held in April next year.

According to the portal of Bloomberg, who had access to the suit, Apple used the implementations from Qualcomm in order to grow to Intel, and in this way give them higher profits:

“Apple has engaged in a campaign of several years of false promises, theft and deception designed to steal confidential information and trade secrets of Qualcomm, with the purpose of improving the performance and accelerate the time to bring to market chips of poor quality, including those developed by Intel”.

The main theme of the demand, is that the iPhone use the chips created by Intel, which it is presumed, are not at all original, because they have the technology developed by Qualcomm several years ago to Apple when they were partners.

Apple does not want to depend on Qualcomm and it seems to work on its own chip 5G

The dimes and bickering are wholesale, not for nothing are over 70 lawsuits between them, however, will have to see the way or agreement that will end this once and for all. and Partners.

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