Evil and bad, Mexico back in World Rankings, Digital

In spite of the reforms implemented to digital culture and the multi-million dollar investment recent in equipment –most of this wasted according to The CIU-, Mexico continues to recede in the concert world technological and digital.

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In the most recent Global Ranking of Competitiveness Digital, a list created by the IMD Business School, Mexico fell two places to go from place 49 to 51 in the evaluation that contemplates to 63 economies in this category. A result that leaves much to be desired considering that globally, Mexico ranks among the 15 economy of the world’s largest.

In this analysis, in that it requires that the digital technologies available to be absorbed by society, Mexico had no progress in two of the three dimensions that are rated to derive the final result on the tables in the index with a score of 56.38 points .

The Latin american region, Chile is the country best placed in the ranking of the place 37. Argentina ranks as the 55, Brazil at 57, Colombia 59, Peru in the 60’s and Venezuela closed the count to be placed in the place 63, behind Mongolia and Indonesia.

In general, the report reveals that 40% of the countries analysed shows a slight decline in the competitiveness of digital media, and eight retained the same position in 2017.

The united states is the leader of the classification of IMD to climb from the third place and moving to Singapore to second place. Sweden complete the top 3, followed by Denmark, Switzerland, norway and Finland.The study is based on 50 indicators gathered in three major factors: knowledge, technology and preparation.

Mexico is specific

In the three areas assessed by the World Ranking of Competitiveness Digital (knowledge, technology, and preparation) Mexico, only one improved its assessment with respect to last year.

  • Knowledge: The first category deals with the process of digital transformation that passes through a country by the discovery, understanding and learning of new technologies; it includes components such as talent, investment in education and training, and concentration scientific. Here our country was in the position 50.
  • Preparing for the future: it Indicates to what extent the government, private sector and society, have adopted information technologies. Mexico also remained in place in 50 of the 63 countries analysed.
  • Technology: The only one where there was a slight improvement going from site 48 to 46. This factor is defined through legal regulations that enable their development, the availability of capital for investment in this sector and in the technological infrastructure.

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