Improvements that has received the camera of your iPhone thanks to iOS 12

Apple this week released the iOS 12, which makes possible an iPhone as old as a 5S has some new features.

The new iOS includes notable improvements like the app to measure, tools to moderate the addiction to your smartphone, notifications, grouped and more.

People are using the iOS 12 to measure cats…

However, some of the changes most noticeable is found in the Photos app, making it easier to use, but also in the functionality of the camera itself.

Lighting in the Portrait Mode

This technology debuted last year and enables you to add effects that resemble the various highlights that can be received within a study. The bad thing is that is only available for the iPhone 8 Plus onwards.

New characters for Animoji

With the iOS 12, Animoji now you can wink and sticking out the tongue. In addition they are now available a ghost, a koala, a tiger and a T-rex. This function is available for the iPhone X in forward.


The Memojis are avatars customizable that work similar to the Animoji. Can be used both in iMessage and in Facetime. Also available for the iPhone X in forward.

The QR reader turned pro

From the iOS 11, the phone’s camera can detect QR codes automatically. Now, with the iOS 12, the scanner has improved and now presents you with an edge highlight to make it all the more easier. In addition, it is possible to configure a shortcut for if you do not want to have activated this function in perpetuity.

Improvements for photographers

If your iPhone has a chip A9 in front of it, then you can edit RAW images. Apple also says that it is “easier than ever” to import your photos and videos to your phone from a professional camera.

Tab “For you”

This tab holds your memories, according to a curator of Apple. Also will suggest edits and effects to improve your photos.

Sharing photos is easier

If you take photos when you’re with a group of friends, your iPhone will be able to detect faces and suggest that you share the images with those friends.

Search within Photos

Now you’ll be able to search for events or places within the application, or other search terms. Apple will show you suggestions to find the photos or the memory you want. and Partners.

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