Free market will enter the market of cars

Today, at an event in Mexico City, Free-Market, e-commerce service, introduced a new section for the acquisition of motor vehicles and motorcycles, considering that 96 percent of mexicans looking to buy a car online, replacing the traditional methodology of visit to the agencies.

It is a Free-Market Motors, a project that arrives in Mexico with the goal of having an option of (on-line to encourage users to continue consuming through the Internet. With this function, any new or used vehicle may be announced; both for individuals, for agencies.

Through the online platforms, there are fraudulent transactions in which the vendors invent a fake profile so that buyers can deposit a certain amount of money without giving to change the product. In this situation, Rodrigo Hütt, Director of the Free Market, recommended the following:

“The best thing is that the users feel interested in acquire a vehicle, agreed an appointment with the individual before depositing any amount of money; as well known to the person and the vehicle for added security. If the treatment is carried out with an agency, the transaction will be more secure.”

Payments that you make out of a Free Market in Oxxo will now be in real-time

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Once the user is on the platform of the car that you are interested in, you can click on the option (from a computer, smartphone or tablet, before or after you have seen it physically on the vehicle.

The amount will depend on the value of the motor and ranges from $500 to $4000 pesos. The payment will be made through Market Payment to provide greater financial security for individuals and buyers.

The seller receives a message where you are informed about the deposited money, and so is enabled to make contact and remember to the rest of the transaction.

In turn, the Director of the online platform said that for buyers there will be no extra cost for doing the transaction over the Free Market. The advertisers themselves will have to give a small percentage of the total cost of the vehicle to the service (will be determined depending on the value).

However, during all the year 2018, being the beginning, those who want to advertise your car or motorcycle, will not have to pay for advertising. It will be until the beginning of 2019 that Free Market begins to charge to individuals and agencies.

For vehicles that are taken out of agency, there is the possibility of try before you buy; so, the buyer may have a better idea about what’s going to acquire.

“The Paragraph in line will be available for internet users to mexicans beginning in the second half of this year; the goal is that in the future, the purchase of a vehicle is done in its entirety within the platform,” explained Amelie Mossberg, Manager of Market Free Classified Motors.

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