Microsoft will update the Notepad in the next update of Windows 10

Microsoft has announced enhancements to the Notepad of Windows 10 that will arrive to the public in the next major update Redstone 5. The testers pointed to the program Windows Insider were able to test with the version 17666 launched in may support the veteran’s program with the codes of end of line from other operating systems such as Linux or macOS. This would solve the problem of opening a text file consisting of a single line endless: a bug that is present in the application since it was launched in 1985 with Windows 1.0, and that finally they have decided to correct.

Now, with the recent release of version 17713 Notepad has received a little more attention. In the first place, you will be able to zoom the text so much from a choice of menu as pressing Ctrl and moving the mouse wheel. The current zoom level will appear in the status bar, which will now be visible pr default and will remain there even though we have activated the option “line wrapping”, us, even in this case, the line and column numbers of the cursor position.

Pressing Ctrl and Backspace delete the last word, as is almost universal in all editors and word processors except the Notepad. When you save a file and re-open it later, the cursor will be placed where we had left. It has also improved the performance when opening very large files, a common problem among those who used the application to read records or logs , computer.

Finally, the search has been improved to add an option that lets you continue the search from the beginning of the file up to the cursor position once you reach the end of the file. In addition, when we open the search dialog will be populated by default with the text you have selected.

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