Microsoft announces new laptops with Windows 10 and processors of Qualcomm

For a long time, the alliance between Microsoft and Intel was so solid and important to the computer industry as to have a proper name. But the relative loss of importance of the market of the personal computers, and beginning with Windows 7 Microsoft operating systems no longer needed a PC equipped with the latest technology led to breaking up the once famous “Wintel“. Now Microsoft has taken one more step to the trust to Qualcomm its new project: computers, lightweight laptops that start fast, have more autonomy and are always connected to the internet through a mobile connection.

In the Snapdragon Technology Summit, the annual meeting of Qualcomm in which the american company has presented other news, we have been able to see the models Asus NovaGo and HP Envy x2. It comes to computers convertible light and thin with Windows 10 and processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which feature LTE connectivity of 1 Gbps to stay always connected and a range of more than 20 hours.

The Asus NovaGO will be the first to reach the first of the year that comes. This will consist of a touch screen of 13.3 inches and resolution Full HD. In addition to a RAM of up to 8 GB and hard disk with a maximum of 256 GB of capacity with a range of prices in the US that varies from 600 to 800 dollars. Weigh 1,39 kg with a thickness of 14.9 millimeters, and will have two USB ports 3.1, connection of headphones, slots for nano SIM and microSD and an HDMI port, as well as a sensor of fingerprints on the touchpad. Their autonomy will be a maximum of 22 hours and enables use as a tablet by turning the entire keyboard and leaving it behind the screen.

NovaGO is a notebook that is thin and lightweight that it can be used as a tablet. | Asus

For its part, the update of the veteran’s HP Envy x2 will be delayed until the spring and will have a touch screen with a smaller 12.3-inch resolution and a little more of 1920×1280, with similar options in terms of RAM and storage. Its design is different, being able to undock the screen of the backlit keyboard for using it as a tablet, in which case its thickness will be only 6.9 millimeters. Only has a headphone jack and a USB-a port C which serves for charging and for plugging in peripherals, as is the case with the latest Macbook.

In both cases, the operating system will be Windows 10 S, a special version of Microsoft software that is also used in devices such as the tablet Surface and only allows the installation of applications universal “safe” (hence the name) through the Windows Store. Both devices will provide anyway a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The native applications for the Windows original and created for Intel processors work by recompiling the app automatically when you boot up the application. According to Microsoft, and Qualcomm the only difference you will find users in practice will be a slower when you run the application for the first time after starting the device.

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