Microsoft will spend $ 5 billion in the Internet of things

For the industry of the computation, in general, it is clear that innovation can provide more easily if there is economic investment and, therefore, the plan of Microsoft for the following four years is the one that has to do with introducing IoT as part of the operating systems, the use of tools of analysis which take advantage of the data provided by the IoT, as well as the services of the cloud to control and manage operating systems without leave to overlook the business applications. But to put it in a nutshell, this means that IoT is more attuned to Windows 10 while at the same time it continues to develop Azure, the Microsoft cloud.

So, Microsoft announced a couple of days ago that the company was reorganizing internally, dividing the groups of Windows and of devices, seek “to focus on the cloud and intelligent at the frontier of what is being done in Artificial Intelligence”, according to its CEO, Satya Nadella.

Make that Windows 10 is more linked to the IoT is already a work in progress, with availability already of Windows 10 IoT-Core and Enterprise. S seeks to make it easier to integrate Windows 10 IoT and Azure IoT. Azure IoT is growing and has new services and options, such as Azure IoT Central, as well as the option to Microsoft’s software-as-a-service (SaaS), which can connect physical devices with backend services.

Intel trimmed its staff working in IoT

It also has Azure Iot Hub, which allows you to add a whole system to do telemetry. This service Azure can be used to connect billions of devices in IoT to send trillions of messages. It must be said that the telemetry system provides a basic messaging from the cloud to the devices as well as management capabilities of the devices.

Julia White, vice president of Azure, said about the investment: “we will Continue the research and development in key areas, including security, IoT, create development tools as well as smart services for IoT, as well as investments that grow the ecosystem of our partners. Customers and partners can expect new products and services, offerings, resources, and programs.” The focus at Azure is part of the continuity of Microsoft, who announced last year at the last conference to Build the plans of the company in practically all the conferences.

Nadella said: “when everyone is talking about the cloud, the most interesting part are the current limits of the same. Whether it be IoT, the automotive industry, what happens in the stores, etc., which essentially processes information about the data generated and the conclusions that we can reach then, giving that competitive advantage”.

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