Microsoft buys AI company for improving Cortana

Microsoft announces the acquisition of the young company’s Semantic Machinery, that in artificial intelligence specialist. The extra knowledge and manpower is deployed to Cortana to improve.

Cortana is the spraakassistente of service in several Microsoft products, including Windows 10. Because they have no English understood, we do not have that much to do with her. Americans can call with the command ‘Hey Cortana’, and then, for example, a program, an e-mail to dictate or the weather.

Now it is often still clear that you are against a computer, but it is intended that in the future you always more natural conversations with the AI must be able to perform. Semantic Machines is especially for this purpose by Microsoft to be found.


Google has in this area already has an edge with Duplex. This system can make phone calls without the person on the other side to realize that the voice of a computer. That was the necessary fuss is about, so it is just the question of how to Google this in practice. People fool with AI may, after all, just for the wrong purposes.

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