Microsoft fixes critical vulnerability in Skype is still not on

Microsoft is aware of a critical vulnerability in Skype, but solves it for now, not because this would be too much work. The current software would be too much need to be adjusted.

Microsoft works prefer to a whole new Skype version, then the leak through an update to close in the current variant. That writes ZDNet, after the site by the discoverer of the leak, it was informed.

Cyber criminals can use Skype to access the pc’s of users by, ironically, the process of updating Skype to the outside. The correct update files are not downloaded, but the rogue code that is needed to break in.

Not the same reason to panic

Skype users are not equal to worry, because the trick doesn’t work without some dll files are available on the pc. By default, this is not the case. Attackers should be your first trick this to download and in the correct folder to convert.

When the new Skype version without update-the leak is released, is not known.

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