Microsoft: ‘More awareness around helpdesk-frauders’

Microsoft is calling you not just to report a problem is detected with your computer. With that message enlarges the business for a while, and the awareness of helpdesk-frauders, and that seems to now effect. Less people stand there in than two years ago.

This emerged from a global research study among sixteen countries – where the Netherlands is, however, not to sit there. 75 percent of the respondents indicates it is ‘unlikely’ to find just to be approached by tech companies. In 2016, that number is lower, 63 percent. This does not take away that scammers keep trying. Microsoft get monthly to 11,000 complaints about this.

Moreover, it concerns not only phone scams, but also links to rogue websites, nepmails and pop-ups that make it seem as if there is something wrong with the pc. That last category makes up less victims than before, possibly because more people had this kind of pop-ups by adblockers are not so often get to see.

Risk groups

The report also revealed that people between the ages of 18 – 37 years, most often in internetoplichting stairs, and men more often than women. This has to do with that they online exhibit more risk behaviour, for example by torrentsites to use. The chance is greater that they come in contact with o.a. infected ads or infected files.

Also if there is no direct financial damage is suffered, this kind of scam a big impact. So it takes time and sometimes also money to still to walk or there is nothing wrong with the pc. And that makes for great stress, notes that 76 percent of the participants in the study. 6 percent say actually to be money lost to criminals, compared to 9 percent in 2016.

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