Microsoft cripples the October update of Windows 10 because it was erasing files

The October update of Windows 10 will be delayed due to a problem linked to the disappearance of files in the version 1809, as reported by Microsoft through a post in its support blog. The company refers to “isolated reports” of error that users have reported after installation of the new update on their devices.

In the publication, the company announced the shutdown of the automatic updates of the version October Windows 10, and it also explains that the problems especially affect users who have manually downloaded the update operating system.

Microsoft urged to minimize the use of the affected computer until Microsoft fix the problem in case of observing the problem. Also communicate that, in case you have performed a manual download of the update, “not the install and wait until the new media is available”.

The problem has been made known through comments hosted both on Reddit and in blog of developers of Microsoft, where those who have tried the October update have reported the loss of documents, in addition to problems to connect to the internet through Microsoft Edge, and other related applications.

The new version 1809 of Windows 10 was launched on 2 October, but has not been distributed on a global basis. Once you fix the loss of files, the Redmond company informs that it will reach to its users an update to solve the error.

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