Microsoft plans on line tablets low cost to compete with the iPad

Microsoft is not willing to let Apple continue to dominate the tablet market and that is why it is preparing an economical line of these devices to compete directly with the iPad, so I published the portal Bloomberg, and he added that the low cost products of Bill Gates could be presented as soon as this year.

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The new Surface would have a cost of 400 dollars and would be the direct rival of the iPad 9 inches, at a cost of $ 350, have dominated the market. This is not the first time that Microsoft opted for this strategy, in 2012 launched the Surface RT at a price of $ 499, but after the bad reviews and poor reception from the public, he opted for a higher range.

The new Surface also with a hardware reconfigured, it would be 20% lighter than the Surface PRO and would have with a USB port-C to load; on the software side, you would use the Operating System Window 10 Pro and would have LTE connectivity.

According to rumors that are now emerging, the new device would have versions 64 and 128 GB. The screen would be 10 inches and the aesthetics would be like a Surface but with the edges rounded, something that the iPad practically patented.

In regards to the battery, it is estimated that it would have an autonomy of 4 hours unless the models Pro, which can last 14 hours with full load.

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