Microsoft could have its own app for watching series and movies on iOS and Android

Such seems to be that Microsoft might be working on an app for Android and iOS, where the user can purchase any content, whether movies, series, tv programs and more, through the store of the company.

The advantage that would have this app, is that it could be played on any mobile device, regardless of whether iOS and Android; this way is that the service Movies & TV Redmond, which is only available on the platforms of Windows 10, Windows Mobile and Xbox, could be implemented and be available when desired.

The development of this project, comes in front of the improvement that is being made in Windows 10, which has had great results, example of this are the applications, Microsoft Edge & Microsoft Launcher, that have gotten millions of downloads.

This news might excite many, because they would be seeing the creation of a large merger, since the company would gain many potential customers who use iOS, and at the same time would keep happy those that use the combination of the Windows computer with iPhone, since they could be entertained with the movies you bought from that catalog.

With this implementation, Microsoft would enter the competition with Netflix, which has as disadvantage the fact that they do have some content available or that can not be seen by transmission problems; in this way it would take advantage of the great store that the company has, which it seems that no one knows, giving impetus through the app and gain as you think.

Movie Creator: a new app from Microsoft for Windows Phone

According to information of Windows Central, the company could also consider joining with the program Movies Anywhere, which allows people to see all the content you previously purchased in digital stores, where and when you want.

Even if all this information sounds quite good, and the bad news is that there is still no official release date, because the project is still not as mature as you want; you will have to wait to see if it turns out to be as good as it has been posed.

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