Microsoft presents the Surface Go Tablet

Microsoft has a small version of the Surface tablet released: the Microsoft Surface Go. Not only is the size of the Surface Go smaller than the regular Surface tablet, also the price is a lot lower and limited Mode of Windows 10.

The Surface Go looks like a small Surface variation, thanks to the standard at the back and seems to be a bit inspired by the Apple iPad. The screen comes with a 10 inch (25.4 cm) approximately the same diagonal as the iPad. The ratio of 3 to 2 is a little bit different and also the resolution is a bit lower: to 1800 by 1200. The announced price from 449 euro is also similar to the tablet Apple.

Of course, running the Microsoft Surface Go on Windows 10. This is the so-called S Mode, a revision of Windows 10’s. This Mode’s wrong with you Windows installation, in the context of safety and battery life, only installations from the Windows Store. This is for example not possible to a different browser to install the search provider to change or Windows to tweak with useful tools. The S Mode is to disable.

Specifications and accessories

The Windowstablet is equipped with 64 or 128GB storage. For the ram, you have the choice of 4 or 8 gigabytes. The Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y dual-core processor is not the fastest, as a budget implementation can be expected. There is also a usb-c port and memory card slot is present.

Just as the other Surface models, the price can rise sharply by the addition of necessary accessories, which are spicily priced. Cost a keyboard 180 euros, a wireless mouse is 55 euro and a stylus 109 euros.

The Surface Go appears on 29 August in the Netherlands.

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