Microsoft sets the tabs in Windows 10 from

There is already talked about that and Windows 10 testers could even have taken part in the battle, but Microsoft is now known that the tabs in the operating system the next Windows Update doesn’t pick up.

Sets is a long-awaited new feature in Windows 10, which is the use of the operating system firmly on his head. Instead of separate windows for each folder, and each program, you get a merge in tabs. Just as you know from browsers, but system-wide.

Windows Insiders have already come into contact with it, because it Sets part of the latest Windows 10-trial. On the basis of the feedback that Microsoft then gained, it is decided that the feature is not yet ready for use. In the next ‘test build’, they are even all the way back from the OS is demolished.


It also means that Sets are not part for the next major Windows update (Redstone 5), which in the autumn of this year. That means that the function only at the earliest in the first half of 2019, still makes its appearance. Here you can read more about Sets.

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